About Femmeze

A significant number of women suffer with the long-term and distressing condition commonly referred to as a pelvic organ prolapse (Rectocele). The condition occurs when the rectum herniates forward through into the vagina, obstructing the bowel from emptying normally.

Women with this condition may have to use their fingers to re-position the rectocele to align the rectum for voiding, this is an unpleasant process, requiring good dexterity which poses added problems with age.

The FEMMEZE® Vagina Trainer is a single user medical device that removes the need to use fingers and assists women to safely, simply and easily realign the rectum for passing stool.

The FEMMEZE® enables older women who may have difficulty due to loss of articulation/dexterity to avoid discomfort and to maintain their independence and dignity.

The FEMMEZE® Vagina Trainer is a credible and dignified personal solution to help manage the condition in a hygienic and discrete manner.

How To Use Femmeze

Where there is bulging of the back wall (rectocele), this can distort the position of the rectum and therefore there may be difficulty in passing stool. The rectum wall bulges into the vagina. To cope with this, some women will resort to inserting their fingers into the vagina to apply pressure to the vaginal wall, repositioning the rectocele and training the vagina back to its proper shape, to aid passing their stool. The rectocele bulges into the vagina causing narrowing, this narrowing can be temporarily trained back using the FEMMEZE.

The FEMMEZE ® has been designed to be safe, easy and convenient to use whilst  being able to be stored in a discreet and easily manageable pouch, which also  includes space for small sachets or 50ml tube of lubricant to be accommodated.  The FEMMEZE ® may be used as part of the care and self-treatment of women who  are experiencing a rectocele. Rectocele (pelvic organ prolapse) is a distressing  long-term condition. The rectum herniates forward through a vaginal tissue-wall tear,  obstructing bowel emptying. The condition can typically be attributed to childbirth or  hysterectomy. This vaginal device enables women to re-align the rectum from within  the vagina to allow for more comfortable voiding.  The FEMMEZE ® is shaped like a shoehorn, the paddle end of the device is inserted  into the vagina whilst your thumb rests within the recess that is located at the top of  the handle (Fig. 1) and with at least two fingers located within the grooves that are  positioned on the reverse of the handle (Fig. 2).

femmeze guide

IMPORTANT: Never attempt to insert the FEMMEZE using a grip hand around the handle of the device as this may result inyou applying a greater pressure than that which is required in order to use the device safely and effectively.

IMPORTANT: These instructions are intended as a guide and you should seek the advice of your doctor or nurse specialist before using this trainer.

In order to re-align the rectum the FEMMEZE trainer is recommend for use rather than your fingers.

If using the trainer for the first time, wash it thoroughly in hot soapy water then rinse and dry it to remove all traces of soap (to avoid possible irritation).

To insert the trainer apply a small amount of a vaginal lubricant around the paddle of the trainer gently insert into the vagina as shown in Diagram 1; push in a posterior direction repositioning the rectocele so as to permit voiding as in Diagram 2.

femmeze guide part 2

Caring For Your Femmeze

ou should check your device before it is use for any cracks or rough edges. If there is any damages to the device then it is important that you do not use and should immediately contact manufacturer for a replacement by calling the Careline number+44 (0) 1902 778380 or email info@mdti.co.uk.

When using your FEMMEZE ® trainer always wash after every use with hot soapy water, rinsing it well. Wipe dry and store it in its case.

IMPORTANT: This device has been designed to be used for inserting into the vagina, it should never be inserted into the rectum.

The FEMMEZE ® trainer should only be used on yourself, by yourself. No other person such as a carer or partner should assist you with its use as they may apply excessive force on the device which may cause you harm.

Contra– Indications

Stop using the device immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Pain or discomfort during use, or if
  • You are unable to insert it into the vagina

If you experience any of the above you should discontinue use of the device and seek medical advice.

Caution: If you are pregnant or you think you are pregnant, we cannot advise use of the Femmeze.

To use the Femmeze in the first few weeks following childbirth, we recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional to check if you can use the Femmeze.

IMPORTANT: Do not use if your rectocele is visible outside of the vagina. Seek medical advice before using the device if you have any unresolved contraction of the vagina, such as may arise from pelvic radiotherapy.

Femmeze Technical Specification

Femmeze Pack Contents 1 x FEMMEZE Trainer
1 x Instructions for use
Conformity MDD 2007/47/EC
CE classification Class 1
Autoclave Cycles: 100
Material Specification Ticona Hostaform C9021 –
POM Copolymer (ACETAL)
Colour Pink
Size and Length 17cm x 8cm x 2.5cm
Pack Dimension and Weight 19cm x 12cm x 3cm
100 grams
Recommended that the product be replaced every: 5 years
Manufacturer's Standard Approvals ISO 9001:2008
ISO 13485:2003
ISO 14001:2004